Women's SME support program financed by ADB

Within the framework of the ADB “Women Entrepreneurship Support Sector Development” Program on 25 January 2015 a new loan agreement was signed between the Central Bank of Armenia and Asian Development Bank with total amount of USD 20mio. The program is aiming to stimulate entrepreneurship development among women via the financial system of Armenia thus increasing the availability of national currency funds for women-owned SMEs. For considering SMEs as women-owned SMEs they should meet at least one of the following criteria: at least 50% of the enterprise should be owned by women or at least 60% of the executive body should consist of women or at least 50% of the employees should be women.
At least 50% of the Program funds should be disbursed to women-owned SMEs. For the program implementation 5 partner financial institutions have been selected by the Central Bank of Armenia and Asian Development Bank with whom appropriate loan agreements have been concluded. The loan is provided to the Central bank of Armenia for 31.5 years.

Partner Financial Institutions

acba araratbank  ardshinbank
 cardagrocredit farmcreditarmenia  inecobank

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