EIB agriculture and tourism finance Program

The Program is implemented within the framework of EUR 50 million (USD 62.5 million) loan agreement signed on the 4-th of December 2014 between the European Investment Bank and the Central Bank of Armenia. The objective of the Program is financing the Armenian SMEs operating in the field of agriculture and tourism. The control and management of the Program is implemented by the “German-Armenian Fund” Program Management Unit of the Central Bank. The loans to the PFIs are disbursed in local currency with up to 7.5 years of maturity period and principal repayment in the end of the loan term. The loans that are in line with the Program’s eligibility criteria provided by the PFIs, may be refinanced by GAF not later than after six month of the initial disbursement. The beneficiaries of the Program are the SMEs with less than 250 employees. The loan under the Program should satisfy the following conditions: provided in local currency (AMD), be not greater than equivalent of EUR 1 million and have not more than 7.5 years of maturity and 2 years of grace period. 

More detail on the Program available at eib4sme.gaf.am

Partner Financial Institutions

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