SME support program financed by World Bank

Within the framework of the anti-crisis measures in the Republic of Armenia and aiming to foster small and medium entrepreneurship in the RA, an agreement was concluded between the Central Bank of Armenia and the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development (member of World Bank) on February 26, 2009, on providing USD 50 million. The main purpose of the "Access to finance for small and medium enterprises" program (GAF-MSME-WB/AFSME) is to maintain or enlarge the availability of loans to small and medium enterprises, thus fostering their growth. The loan was granted with a term of 26.5 years. Based on the standards set out by the World Bank, 8 partner banks were selected with which respective Master loan agreements were concluded.

Partner Financial Institutions

araratbank  acba  ardshinbank
 armbusinessbank byblosbank conversebank
 vtb inecobank  farmcreditarmenia

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